Signing off, for J2150, Shannon Robb

I was really nervous for this class at the beginning of the semester. Just like I had for J2000 and J2100, I left the first day of lecture wide-eyed and worried. Yet, I sat through my last lecture on Monday and my final two lab classes on Tuesday and Thursday. I published our final project website online and we presented it to the class. Now I’m writing my final blog post. Somehow, I have made it through J2150.

Our final project went surprisingly smoothly. There are some things I wish had gone differently, such as I wish we could have taken some footage at an outdoor practice, but that likely would have taken some deal-making with Mother Nature or Father Time to make this project take place some time other than December. I also wish the lights in the warehouse where Mizzou Slackline Club held their weekly indoor practices weren’t so harsh and overbearing because it made getting the lighting right for the photographs hard.

I took over the photography for the project, and it certainly was the most difficult part for me. Though I had gotten the hang of the Nikon cameras during the beginning of the semester with our Seeing Red and Three-Photos assignments, I had to reacquaint myself with the different features and settings of the camera after weeks of using other equipment. Similar to the issues I had with the photography for the CoMo Derby Dames, I was having trouble finding the right combination of settings to capture the quick movements of the slackliners without blurring them and also get enough light exposure. I was able to find the correct combination for some of the shots, but there were also a lot of failed attempts. Faces in dark shadows, orange-tinted skin, blurry hands and feet.

I also worked on the audio portion of our project, as well as put together the website. We used Wix for our website, which made the process easy for a first-time website builder. However, I almost would have preferred something less simplified. I enjoyed the options of templates that Wix offered and the simplification was quite convenient at first, but by the end of the project, I would have preferred some different options for design.

Overall, despite some hang-ups and a few moments of worry toward the beginning about being able to complete the project in time, I’m quite happy with our final result: Walking a fine line. Our team worked together quite well, and we were able to finish our project in plenty of time without having to make any stressful, mad-dashes at the last minute to fill in major holes.

With the publication of our website and the publication of this final post, I will have completed my J2150 career, and it certainly has taught me the basics of photography, audio and video editing and using social media which will likely be convenient later on.

Signing off from the Missouri School of Journalism J2150, Shannon Robb.


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