The World Wide Web

The Internet overwhelms me. It overwhelmed me when I was looking at different colleges to which to apply. It overwhelmed me when I was trying to do some extra research on the candidates for the 2012 presidential election to better inform my decision. I simply don’t do well with the inundation of information.

Not being particularly technologically savvy probably doesn’t help, and so with these two weaknesses, the task of creating a website for our final project seemed quite daunting. So far, though, I haven’t found it to be impossible or too overwhelming.

I have taken on the task of being the main web designer (despite my less-than-genius when it comes to technology). I employed the use of to begin building our site for our project on the Mizzou Slackline Club.

For someone who is too easily overwhelmed by the sheer size and technicality of the Internet and websites, has so far eased me through the process. I’ve only made minimal changes to the template I chose, creating pages for each of the elements of our project and tweaking layout a bit, but I am looking forward to working with it more over break and getting some of our work on the site. The site will walk visitors through the different elements of our story (beginning with our text story and ending with the video), each one revealing something new about slacklining and Mizzou’s club.

I want to do some research on other websites (yes, this unfortunately involves venturing into the seas of Internet information once more to find what I am looking for) in order to find inspiration and tips about how to best set up our information and each of the elements of the story. As a starting point, I will probably refer back to the five multimedia sites I mentioned in my first post ( “Multimedia journalism done well”) to examine how they each present their stories to audiences.


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